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Dr. Dabasi András iDr. Dabasi Andráss the owner and the professional leader of our Dental Studio. He has more than 20-year’ professional experience which provide the top quality of care and service. His speciality are dental implants, sinus lifting, artificial bone replacement, a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments including metal free porcelain crowns, zirconium crowns, bridgework, tooth veneers, root canal treatment,  periodontal disease treatment, wisdom teeth removal, tooth whitening, white fillings, tooth grinding treatment and more. He participates every year in international conferences and trainings as the programmes of Nobel Biocare and Implant Direct. The studio is furnished with the very latest technological equipment to provide the best treatment. In addition our dentists and dental technicians must always keep themselves updated with the latest advancements as they arise.




The personalized treatment plan and the bid are being agreed during the health measurement and the consultations.



Our dentists always participated diverse trainings and international conferences to provide the continuous preparedness and the latest technology. The technical works are being sent to a professional dental technicians to ensure excellence.

For our patients’ comfort we have an own panoramic X-ray diagnostic. We put emphasis on the cleanness and on the sterility. There is an other room for the sterilizer.

The studio has 2 treatment rooms, an X-ray room and a spacious, elegant waiting room with Internet access for all. Every age group can find the solution for its problem and we help you to choose the best option regarding the quality and the price.

 Email us and we help you enjoy your favourite dishes again!


Our Dental Studio has been purpose built to provide you with state-of-the-art facilities in beautiful surroundings, providing all major specialist dental services, including:


Computer guided implant surgery

all-on-four fogbeültetés

Regarding the CT scan a precise implant plan is made. With the excellent Nobel Biocare company’s program /http://www.nobelbiocare.com /the dentist create a virtual plan about the implants replacement.

With this 3D program it is possible to create the best solution. A clear understanding of the anatomical and prosthetic characteristics of the case is gained through thorough diagnostics, and as a result the surgical intervention can be well prepared and documented. The success of the future prosthetic reconstruction is ensured. After planning, a customised, ready-to-use surgical template is automatically designed and centrally produced by Nobel Biocare. The surgical template enables safe and predictable minimally invasive surgery for all indications. Using the surgical template, the dental technician is able to prefabricate a stone model with implant replicas in place. Based on this model, provisionals can be prepared prior to surgery. The NobelGuide workflow ensures that implants are placed in accordance with prosthetic needs.


Extraction of teeth, extraction of third molar, periapical cyst and other cyst intervention and the root apex resection belong to the paradontology.

What the root apex resection means? The inflammation of the area around the root apex generally results from pulpitis. The bacteria spreading from the pulp infects the alveolodental membrane and the bone surrounding it. It causes the inflammation of the root apex and the formation of an infection focus. In this case, the area around the root apex becomes sensitive to pressure. The root apex resection involves the opening of a chronic infection source, which is cleaned, the root tip is cut off, and it is sealed with good quality. If the cleaned focal bone cavity is large, it is recommended to fill it with the bone substitute. For these intervention we use the PiezoMed instrument which help to minimize the bleed./https://globaldentalshop.com/product/piezomed//

Root apex resection is performed under local anaesthesia. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, so the patient does not feel any pain. In case of personal request it is possible to make the intervention with superficial anaesthasia.



In case of implantation the first step is the panoramic X-ray, and due to the 3D Ct scan we decide weather the patient’s bone is properly thick to the implentological procedure. The bone may become thinner or due to the previous apical inflammation it disappears. After a long period of edentulous conditions the bone material also can not been enough. In this case we fill the space with the patient’s own bone or other cases with synthetic bone. The own bone is better because the healing procedure is faster so it can be implantated earlier.





Sinus lifting

A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. It’s sometimes called a sinus augmentation. The bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose. To make room for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward, or “lifted.” How sinus lifting working? During the procedure the gum tissue will be cut where back teeth used to be. The tissue is raised, exposing the bone. A small, oval window is opened in the bone. The membrane lining the sinus on the other side of the window separates your sinus from the jaw. This membrane is gently pushed up and away from the jaw. Granules of bone-graft material are then packed into the space where the sinus was. The amount of bone used will vary, but usually several millimeters of bone is added above the jaw. Once the bone is in place, the tissue is closed with stitches. The implants will be placed four to nine months later. This allows time for the grafted material to mesh with the bone. The amount of time depends on the amount of bone needed.

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